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Keep Your White Sneakers Bright with These Must-Try Cleaning Tips

Summer is the perfect season to rock your favorite white sneakers. There’s just one problem: white sneakers can be magnets for dirt and stains, and when you wear them often, you might find them dirty, more often than not. That’s why it’s crucial that you know how to clean your white sneakers so that they remain crisp and clean. Read on to discover a few invaluable cleaning tips for white sneakers made of leather, canvas, or suede, from the team at our apartments near UT Arlington.

Cleaning White Leather Sneakers

1. Remove and clean the laces. Apply a small amount of oily soap to the outside of the sneakers. Use a leather soap or oil soap.
2. Gently scrub the soaped-up shoe with a brush made of horsehair. Be careful not to rub too much – this could damage the shoe.
3. Rinse the shoe with a damp microfiber cloth. Make sure the cloth is damp, not soaking wet. Too much moisture will dry out the leather.
4. Deodorize the inside with vodka. Vodka is a great odor remover. Pour some in a spray bottle and give your shoes a generous spritz. Allow airing to dry. No vodka on hand? Try rubbing alcohol.
5. Still have a few stubborn stains? Apply white polish over them to mask them from view.

Cleaning White Canvas Sneakers

1. Remove the laces. Place both the sneakers and the laces inside a mesh laundry bag before placing them into the washing machine.
2. Add a gentle detergent and oxygen bleach (which will brighten up your shoes) to the machine and wash the sneakers on a cold-water cycle.
3. Skip the dryer to avoid potentially shrinking your shoes. Air drying is the way to go.

Cleaning White Suede Sneakers

1. Scrub with a brass brush, which is designed specifically for cleaning suede. Feel free to put some elbow grease into this, since suede is sturdier than leather.
2. Clean the soles. After buffing away the dirt from your sneakers, apply a small amount of soap to a damp towel and wipe down the soles.
3. Treat any stains with a suede cleaning kit, which includes a brass brush and a suede eraser. Suede erasers work like pencil erasers and can be used after the brass brush to pick up any stains it may have missed.

Optimize every aspect of your life with these interesting tips and ideas, courtesy of the professional team at Westmount at Forest Oaks Apartments in Arlington TX.

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