Handling Your Dry Clean-Only Clothes at Home Can Be a Breeze with These Simple Suggestions

Making our residents’ lives easier and more enjoyable is a primary goal of ours at Westmount at Forest Oaks, the best luxury apartments Arlington TX. We hope that these new ideas add convenience to your day-to-day routine!

Even if you’re no longer frequenting the office five days a week, you might still be setting aside a budget for your dry cleaning. While you might adore your dry-clean-only clothes, the price tag that comes along with regular, specialty cleaning can add up over time. It’s a difficult subject matter to approach when you have a closet full of delicate fabrics and no specialty cleaning equipment at home, too.

The following tips are for those of us, who enjoy wearing silk, rayon, and more, and should be of some use. Check them out, courtesy of your favorite apartments near Six Flags Over Texas, before your next laundromat visit, and you just might thank us later!

Start with an easy piece.

It’s normal to feel nervous about “dry cleaning” at home. So, start your process with an item of clothing that isn’t of crucial importance, like a dress shirt or pair of pants crafted from a common material, like polyester. Now is not the time to try out a new cleaning method on your expensive suit!

Perfect your hand washing.

To start hand washing, fill the sink (or tub if you have a lot of clothes) with cold water and place your clothes in. Grab a laundry bar and use it to rub your clothes until suds start to appear. When you’re done scrubbing, let the garment soak while you tackle another piece. When you’re finished, rinse all of your clothes thoroughly in cold water.

Try the washing machine.

Before using the washing machine, make sure to separate your darks, colors, and whites, so colors don’t bleed on each other. Wash your “dry clean only” clothes in cold water with a gentle yet heavy-duty detergent. Try Woolite brand detergents for an extra-special wash that provides TLC to fine fabrics.

Let sit to air dry.

Air drying may not be necessary for your piece, but you can’t deny that it’s a fail-safe way to dry anything you’ve recently washed. Purchase an inexpensive drying rack or hang an old-fashioned line and allow your pieces to sit, undisturbed, until ready to hang in your closet.

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